What Is the Best Family Health Insurance Like?

What Is the Best Family Health Insurance Like?
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Family health insurance products in Indonesia are very tire less. The insurance company offers this service to protect the health of the whole family member.

However, the best family health insurance is like What are his features, so you’re not wrong in choosing. Here’s the answer.

Best Family Health Insurance

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High limit of claims

Generally, the limit offered by ad insurance companies two-type, i.e. limit per disease or treatment and overall limit.

The limit is limited in nature, for example Rp 200 million per year. When the limit runs out, then the remaining cost of care will be borne by the customer.

Since you don’t know what disease I’m going to be Gnawing on the body, it is important to choose family health insurance with high limit. This limit will give you the flexibility to receive advanced treatment without having to reach into a private cockle.

Regarding the limit, each company offers a different limit. It is best to compare the limit from insurance companies in Indonesia to get the best family health insurance.

Wide network

Of course there are many benefits you can get if The selected product or insurance company has a wide hospital network. You can choose a hospital for hospitalization, both inside and outside city, even overseas.

If at any time you or get sick on vacation, the busa hospital treatment that has already worked with an insurance company. Interestingly, you can choose the best hospital based on reviews or testimonies patient.

Extensive hospital network usually owned by the company an large insurance as well as family health insurance products with the most complete service. So, it doesn’t hurt to glance at the insurance company that’s already name and trust.

Cashless payment or card use

In choosing health insurance products, most must want a claim process or an easy payment system. You can get it on a cashless family type of health insurance.

Cashless health insurance is a daily type of insurance that makes it easier for customers to pay hospital bills. Customers do not need to charge medical expenses from personal money first.

The fee will be paid by the insurance company polis is still active. The customer only needs to show or hand over the insurance card to the hospital side.

Adjustable to financial capabilities

The best family health insurance is the one that gives to benefits, such as premiums that can be adjusted to suit financial needs and capabilities. Because family health insurance premiums are usually more expensive than individual insurance because it covers the entire family members.

Avoid looking for the cheapest family health insurance if be indeed out of keeping with one’s needs Because instead of wanting one that doesn’t burden monthly finances, but it turns out that benefits aren’t complete and you still have to company the cost of treatment when getting sick.


It is not the money that is disbursed, but the money is included in the investment upon premium payment. This system applies to link unit insurance or insurance that combines two benefits at once.

Keep in mind, however, the cashable amount is very elimination. Even liquefaction should be done in urgent situations only. Because this investment product is basically used to anticipate a rise in prumi caused due to the rise in medical costs.

Have a nice reputation

The insurance company grew quite rapidly several years last. It is natural for companies to compete to offer the best products to be threshed by the public.

Family health insurance products included. Even up to offer cheap family health insurance premiums. But know what, not all insurance companies have a good reputation. Be careful when choosing agar not zonk.

From service, products, benefits, to insurance, everything has to be good. Many read to know the performance of the insurance company concerned before deciding options.

Putting hospitalization first

Some insurance companies only provide swamp benefits the way for his rice. However, the best and good family health insurance will provide inpatient benefits as well.

There are two types of inpatient facilities in insurance, yes it’s a VIP and regular room that two patients usually fill. You can specify this room type during the registration process.


As good as any insurance product, it is important to recognize max-limit of benefits. You must know and understand what will be covered and what insurance companies will not be covered for health insurance products the family you choose.

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