Online Shopping Tips Safe and Comfortable

Online Shopping Tips Safe and Comfortable
Online Shopping Tips Safe and Comfortable

Online shopping has become a new lifestyle for most people, especially those aged 21-35 years. Ease of transaction, jam-free and offer attractive features of various service providers online transactions make the growth of the number of users of the marketplace is increasing. Buyers do not need to worry to be deceived by the product to be purchased because the seller usually offers a selection of goods can be exchanged if it does not suit related to the size, color or other specifications. Buyers also feel comfortable with the presence of a joint account which is guaranteed by the provider of sell-buy online (marketplace) so that the cases of fraud relative can be minimized. Cases of fraud usually occurs if the transaction does not use the marketplace or through online sales on the website even through your personal Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Online Shopping Tips

Advantages of Online Shopping

Shopping online gives a lot of convenience and benefits are often not realized by the online shoppers though. What are these advantages? Advantages shopping online when compared to buying directly to the store, clear buy online cheaper cost and time saving especially if you get stuck in traffic. Amazingly some online stores provide facilities free postage. How about the price? Indeed the cost of delivery charged to the buyer. But the cost is much more cheaper than by going to a store. In addition, the online shop can suppress the price because they do not need operational costs of the open shop and the salary of the employee.

Secondly, online shopping can be carried out simultaneously in several online stores to compare the products and prices just by sitting sweet on the front of Your electronic devices. In addition, online stores usually also provides many new business opportunities for additional income You by the system dropshipper/reseller of various products without having to leave the house.

Third, when shopping in a store or mall directly, we can be sure of the number of bids discounts, and also the ‘twisting’ the seller can make us so mad and finally bought all the products with reasons are very diverse. Whereas in the online store are also many offer discounts, and You can still control themselves without the need of having to drain the contents of the wallet because of the existing products on the online store has the same quality as those sold in the market.

Risk of Online Shopping To look out for

The increasing number of marketplaces that apply payments using an account with relative sparing of the buyer fooled by counterfeit sellers so that cases of fraud in this section is almost the same does not exist for transactions made through the marketplace such official, or buy services on the However, cases of fraud and theft would occur on user’s personal data transaction online. The process is called phishing. Following this mode of techniques and avoid the theft of identity data via phishing techniques:

  • You should always trade in the marketplace or online store that has a good reputation. If the marketplace offers payment facilities after the goods are received or payment in place or COD (cash on delivery), You should choose the way of that.
  • Beware of deals or promos that did not make sense for example the price is too cheap on the outside of reasonableness. Usually the online fraudsters trap clients to immediately pay with the lure of cheap price.
  • Protect Your electronic device with using the operating system which the original, as well as internet security or antivirus software that is original so it automatically programs the security on your laptop or other device You will be updated in accordance with the development of the virus. If Your software does not update, then Your computer is more vulnerable to a variety of crimes in the online world especially phishing (identity theft).
  • Create a pin code se-possible unique and difficult to guess. If necessary, change Your pin at least 2 times a year.
  • Data theft often occurs in a public area with the level of security such minimum at public hotspots such as in an airport, a coffee shop / café, hotel, and others. On the hotspot area open like that, it would be very easy for hackers to penetrate computer or gadget You and steal Your confidential data.
  • Offer to fill in the data occurs in many malls or other places with the lure of a prize for a particular purpose. We recommend that you avoid and don’t fill in the data of the credit card/atm online form.

Traits of a Website that Can be Trusted for Online Shopping

Several website have already been equipped with the security features and has several characteristics as follows:

  • URL of the website in generally is “http:www…”but in some website or at least a page of the trade from the website You may ever encounter addressable “https://www…”. Note the letter ‘S’ (secure = secure) are added. The Website with the appearance of https is the one who has a security feature which is nice.
  • On the left side “https://www…”usually there is a picture of a lock or child lock.
  • There is the logo of the electronic certificate of the third-party companies specifically for the secure channel online transactions.

Tips For Maintaining The Security Of Credit Card Data

Credit card is the most popular mode of theft of customer funds with the technique of phishing. Modus is, online criminals to steal data owner account then use a media card credit of the original but fake that is already in the contents of the data stolen is to do transactions for illegal. To minimize the risk of online crime that You should try the following ways:

  • Just do the transaction using the credit card at a merchant that is reliable. If you want to online shopping, we recommend doing on a website that already has a good reputation. Minimize the use of credit cards. If it can be paid cash, why should add to the debt with a credit card?
  • Keep in mind that the bank never ask for data of the holder of the credit card by email, phone or sms. Therefore immediately report any there is any discrepancy of the person that ask You to provide data outside of the branch office of the bank.
  • When You lose the wallet, please contact the bank issuing the credit card to do the blocking.
  • Don’t ever save data and password in the gadget You are like laptops and mobile phones. It is dangerous if Your gadget is damaged then the in-service data You will be prone to be stolen.

Online transactions are easy and comfortable to do, but before you start shopping, You should also look for additional information related to the website to avoid You to transact in a place that is not right.


Indeed today is how to purchase an item already very at ease with the help of the internet, namely the existence of the online store. But don’t get lulled by the ease of it’s own. Lest You get carried away, for shopping online items that are not the primary needs. When You can already control it, what to look out for next is security in the transaction. Hope the tips we have presented above can help You in adding security and convenience of shopping online.

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