Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House
Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House

Times are hard like this, selling houses isn’t as easy as when the economy is in good shape. Moreover, the house is not a new house aka second hand.

Sometimes even though it has been offered offline dan online, not necessarily the host. Because, people would also think twice about buying a used house.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House

To make used homes sell quickly, avoid misdeedscome along with this when selling used houses.

Put the price too high

Too high a price could have been the reason why your house has not been sold. Afraid to negotiate even if you’ve already made an offer can be negotiated.

That’s because prospective buyers’ budget are not enough. The unsuitable and overpriced sale price of used houses makes it difficult for you to get a buyer in a fast time.

It may also be possible according to the prospective buyer, at the price of size it, they’d better buy a new house. The risk of repair or renovation does not exist, so there will be no additional costs such as buying house second hand!

Not doing renovations

Selling used houses is also not of origin. Offered to the other person is in a state of gross and severely damaged. No one will buy it for sure unless it’s sold hard.

If want to sell used house, sell quickly, and High price, make sure you’re leeing in a clean and livable condition. The damage has already been repaired with minor renovations.

Examples such as ‘dressing’ terraces and lawn home as the ‘face’ of the house, so people are interested in buying. Paint the house so that the whole part of the house looks new and more beautiful.

In addition to, check all parts of the house in detail record any parts that require repair. e.g. door jammed, ceiling burst or leak, water faucet malfunction, etc.

And most importantly anyway clean every corner houses, such as in kitchen areas, bathrooms, gardens and terraces, backyards, and others. Sweep, mop, and clean the sticking crusts di on the walls and floors to make the impression dirty and untreated go away.

House so clean, tidy, beautiful, nice, and ready in sell because it’s convenient for the new resident to live in.

Wear uninteresting photos

Advertising a house constitutes one way to meet with a prospective buyer sooner But this won’t work very well, if you put a picture of the house wrong for the advertisement.

For example uninteresting angle retrieval or using photos of unbleached parts of the house. Prospective buyers will stay away.

In addition to repairing the house in detail, using it good and interesting photos are an important point in the process of selling used homes. You have to get a proper and quality photo.

If necessary, use the freelance photographer service agar his assistance was satisfactory. The better the image you post in the advertisement will attract prospective buyers.

Wear unprofessional property agent services

Using property agent services to quickly Buy it right. But if you choose the wrong agent, you will be harmed.

It’s not a good thing to get a buyer, it’s because have to pay fee even if there is no buyer yet. Therefore, make sure to choose a property agent who is already a professional and has experience in field property.

Usually a property agent will give you youth, including suggestions early in preparation for the sale of used houses. They will help you place attractive ads, including determining which selling price most appropriate for your home.


Selling used houses under Covid-19 pandemic conditions must smart. One of them gave an attractive gimmick to prospective buyers, such as the sale price can still be negotiated, assistance when administering certificates or behind names, and others.

In addition, use marketing media that am most, that is, social media as a selling or promotional container. Examples include selling via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or other social media.

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