Altcoin: Definition, Types and the List of Altcoin Best

Altcoin: Definition, Types and the List of Altcoin Best
Altcoin: Definition, Types and the List of Altcoin Best

For you who get bored with the investment instruments that wrote it, why not try investing crypto currencies like bitcoin again trendy today? Yups, with increasing time the existence of Bitcoin are increasingly popular. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin also eat the gains that can be achieved even higher because of the growing also investors who began to look at both digital on this one.

However, it turns out both a digital currency not only limited to bitcoin only. There are no altcoin that is also both a digital currency that is quite popular and less popular with bitcoin.

But what is Altcoin?

Definition Of Altcoin

“Altcoin” is a combination of two words “alt” and “coin” and include all of the alternatives to Bitcoin. Altcoin is a cryptocurrency other, which was launched after the success of Bitcoin. Generally, they sell themselves as a better alternative than Bitcoin. The term “altcoin” refers to all cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. The success of Bitcoin as a digital currency peer-to-peer first to open the way. Many altcoin try targeting restrictions that felt from Bitcoin. Altcoin should have a competitive advantage to succeed against Bitcoin. The type of this coin was first launched in 2011. Initially, the Altcoin is intended to improve the aspects of Bitcoin such as transaction speed or energy efficiency.

How to get Altcoin?

Usually, altcoin traded on crypto exchange. Altcoin trading better with a centralized system (setralisasi) or terdesentrasasi. However, this also depends on the type of altcoin that is provided by the crypto exchange. Most exchanges crypto or cryptocurrency exchange to prevent the purchase of altcoin with fiat currency. So as an alternative, people can buy with the reference USDT, BTC, ETH or can also redeem it with altcoin other.

Type-The Type Of Altcoin

For the type of-its-kind, altcoin divided into 5 categories. Here are the types of altcoin that should be known if you are interested to investment in crypto with digital currency altcoin:

  1. – Based Mining

Altcoin has a mining process in which new coins are generated by solving the challenging issues to unblock. They are more similar to Bitcoin than altcoin other. Most of the altcoin top at the beginning of 2020 included in this category. Ethereum is altcoin mining based most famous in February 2020.

  1. Stablecoin

Stablecoin seeks to improve Bitcoin by reducing the volatility. In practice, actually, this is achieved by binding the value of the coin to the existing currency. Looking to support the altcoin including the U.S. dollar, the euro, and gold. Libra Facebook so far this is the stablecoin of the most famous, though not yet launched in January 2020.

  1. Security Token

Altcoin is associated with the business, and often launched in the bidding early coins (ICO). Security Token resembles a traditional stock, and they often promise some kind of dividend like payment or ownership in the business.

  1. Token Utility

Token utility provides a claim on the service, and is sometimes sold as part of the ICO. Filecoin is an outstanding example of token utility offered in the ICO. Filecoin is designed to be exchanged with the storage space file decentralized.

The difference Altcoin with Bitcoin

  1. Features Altcoin More

As a form of repair of bitcoin, every altcoin has various features that are better compared to bitcoin. B in terms of the speed of the transaction, the cost of mining, or other factors.

  1. The Amount Of Availability

Bitcoin has limited supply. Since inception, Satoshi Nakamoto has determined there are only 21 million BTC anywhere in the world. Limited amount of Bitcoin that causes its value is very high. Even the value of Bitcoin at this time are likely to continue rising even though the number of the mine has reached 18 million BTC.

As for the altcoin, or average is not restricted amount of inventory. Indeed there is Altcoin which has a limit of supply, but there are also tokens which is not limited. Usually the token-the token has a certain utility that should continue to be created to support its usefulness.

  1. Transaction Fees

Transaction fee altcoin cheaper than bitcoin, which makes the transaction fee altcoin to be the advantages of investing altcoin. Low transaction costs this course will facilitate users to perform investment or trading these assets.

List of Altcoin Best Investment Crypto

Here’s a list of altcoin which are popular today, and a suitable choice of investing assets crypto:

  1. Ethereum

Ethereum is a system of blockchain open-source decentralized featuring a cryptocurrency, his Ether. ETH serve as a platform for many other cryptocurrency, as well as for the implementation of the contract of smart decentralized.

  1. Lite Coin

Litecoin is a type of cryptocurrency which is also present at the beginning of the digital currency began to attract the attention of many people. The type of cryptocurrency is exactly present in the year 2011 as a digital currency peer-to-peer (P2P) that generates a new block (that form the blockchain) with faster speed. So one of the advantages of Litecoin is to enable the user make transactions more quickly without the need of computing system that is powerful.

  1. NEO

NEO was created in 2014 by Da Hongfei in China. He is the cryptocurrency of the largest emerging in China. Have in common with Ethereum, NEO is also a platform that is designed to develop the application decentralized (Dapps), contract smart and ICOs. Because of having resemblance with Ethereum, NEO, often referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum”.

  1. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano was founded in September 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Cardano offers a platform for Dapps and contracts smart. In addition, Cardano also offer much improved in terms of technology when compared with Ethereum and blockchain to another.

  1. EOS

EOS is the altcoin of new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that was launched in June 2017. EOS was created by Larimer, who is also the founder of the popular trading cryptocurrency Bit shares and blogging sites based blockchain Steemit.


Investment crypto is an investment in digital is actually quite easy and practical to do. Moreover, all the registration process to sell-purchasing made online. Importantly, potential investors already understand with good, and also not familiar with digital technology, especially the internet.

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