Advantages Shopping Online During The Pandemic, What Can Replace Offline Shopping?

Advantages Shopping Online During The Pandemic, What Can Replace Offline Shopping?
Advantages Shopping Online During The Pandemic, What Can Replace Offline Shopping?

Shopping is one of the things that has been done to mankind since hundreds of years. Shopping is one of the things that has been done to mankind since hundreds of years ago. Shopping itself is the activity of the exchange of money for goods or services that is done by the buyer and the seller. Generally, the shopping that we already know is called with offline shopping. However, in the era of globalization where technology is sophisticated as it is today, online shopping can be an option for You in buying or selling.

Pandemic Covid – 19 is now being dominated Indonesia and also the world. Therefore, all people have to want for a day at home alone that this virus quickly subsided. Well, now people do not need to be confused anymore if you want to shop. Because there are so many online shopping stores that can be chosen according to your taste.

Shopping Online During The Pandemic

Before we discuss further, what’s the meaning of online and offline shopping it? What’s the difference? And where better to do during the pandemic COVID-19 this last? Check out the answer in this article!

Offline Shopping

Offline shopping can be said as the activities of buying and selling that is carried out directly. This means that, if You do offline shopping, You have come to the store directly, view and select the items directly, pay for goods directly, and then bring the items You bought directly. As we know, all the things definitely has its advantages and drawbacks of each. So also with offline shopping.

  • Excess

Advantages of offline shopping is You can see and choose the goods directly, so You don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong goods, receiving counterfeit goods or purchase of goods that have been damaged. In addition, offline shopping also can You do to avoid the risk of fraud. Because in offline transactions, You will be dealing directly with the seller. By performing offline shopping, You will immediately receive the goods what You buy after You make the payment without the need to worry to wait for the goods You up through delivery.

  • Deficiency

Meanwhile, the lack of offline shopping which is shopping offline is likely to take You a lot more. Because, when You’re doing offline shopping, You have to go to the store first, then You must have around the shop to choose the item You want to buy, after pay, then You can have the goods You want. In addition to time-consuming, offline shopping is also more limited. This limited seen from the existence of the shop and open shop. Offline stores generally have a location that is limited and requires You to come to there, the better layout of the store was near and far. Then, the offline store also has the working hours are limited. This makes shopping time You limited anyway.

Online Shopping

In an era that everything is sophisticated this, a lot of the available features that can facilitate You in doing the activity. One of these activities is shopping. If offline shopping is defined as the shopping directly, it is different with the online shopping. Online shopping is shopping that You can do with just using a gadget that has an internet connection. Like offline shopping, online shopping was of course has its advantages and drawbacks.

  • Excess

The advantages obtained when You shopping online is online shopping You can do anytime and anywhere without You having to visit the store directly. The most important thing is, smartphone or computer You use is already connected to the internet network. The other advantages is that the online shop is available 24 hours. Because of this, the activities of shopping You will be much easier to do compared to offline shopping. Online shopping is very flexible to be done. You can do it while sleeping, while eating, from home, from the office, all the options are in the hands of You.

Then, to do your shopping online, You simply visit the website of the store that You want, then select the items You want and then do the payment via bank transfer. If You shop using e-commerce, You simply make a transfer to the account of the company’s e-commerce. This will reduce the risk of fraud. After completing the payment process, You just sit back and wait for the goods You get. Courier expedition will deliver the goods to You directly up to the front door of your house.

  • Deficiency

Disadvantages of shopping online is sometimes the goods are not in accordance with the photos displayed of the seller. The difference in color or size often become grievances often raised online shoppers. Because You can’t see the goods directly, not the least of unscrupulous fraudsters who finally sell counterfeit goods on You. In addition, You also have to incur additional costs to pay shipping costs. In shipping, not infrequently the goods You experience damage during the trip. Last, You have to wait longer to receive the groceries You.


Based on the description above, it can be concluded that the difference of online shopping with offline shopping is the purchase process. In offline shopping, all You do directly. Starting from directly coming to the store, choose the products, to the payment. While online shopping is done by intermediaries. This intermediary form of internet connection, the website of the online store or e-commerce, courier expedition, and also the bank.

So, where better to do? Shopping online or offline in the pandemic COVID-19? Of course online shopping is more appropriate for You to do. Why? Because by doing online shopping means You have to implement the protocol health. One part of the protocol of the health that We have to apply is to always keep a distance or social distancing. If You do offline shopping, it is apt to do by some people in limited places that cause You to crowding. This should not You do to avoid exposure of the virus COVID-19.

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