8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping So You are Not Disappointed and Aggrieved!

8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping So You are Not Disappointed and Aggrieved!
8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping So You are Not Disappointed and Aggrieved!

Online shopping at this time been commonplace and done a lot of Indonesian society. It, not apart from the development of digital technology and the internet in modern times. The amount of the transaction online shopping, continue to grow significantly from year to year. What’s in the pandemic covid-19, which is increasingly pushing people to do various activities and transactions online or online. The development of online shopping in Indonesia of automatic encourage the emergence of entrepreneurs online business that is new. Thus, the world of business and the business will grow and impact the economy positively.

However, there are a variety of risks in online shopping. You also need to be aware of the security in the transaction digital. Some of the risk in online shopping such as, online stores that can do the scams, the condition of the items received do not match the description. In fact, the misuse Your data for a particular purpose and other risks. Therefore, there are 8 safety tips in online shopping so that You will not be disappointed and aggrieved.

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

The following is a list of tips You need to observe and understand:

Check and be Sure the Online Store is Reliable and Has a Good Reputation

The first important step You need to do to be safe on shopping online, is to do the checking and ensuring that the online store is reliable. It is important You do in order not to be deceived and disappointed. How to check and make sure of it, You can do so by looking at the sign check the ‘trusted’ in the online store in the marketplace. In addition, it can review the reputation of the shop online from the various reviews review, the status of the stores that are currently active or not. and other ways. Essentially You need to ensure in advance of the online store before shopping.

Look at the Review of Reviews and Product Description

If You’ve done a check of the online store, then the next step is to examine the review of reviews and the product description. View and read carefully, so that You are getting to know the reviews from buyers before. Do not forget to look at the description of the products You will buy, whether in accordance with the photo or the title and the type of product given to the seller. Lest You be fooled by the ‘word game’ of the sellers online stores that naughty.

Know and Understand the Terms and Conditions of The Online Store

Not a few people who underestimate of the terms and conditions in the online shop. Most such people are lazy in reading so melewatka important points, which it turns out are listed in the terms and conditions. Know and understand the terms and conditions of the online store, will help You greatly in the face of things that are unexpected. At the time of shopping online, such as how to return the defective items or items that do not fit.

Be careful with the Fanfare Cheap Price

It is no secret that there is a schedule and fanfare at cheap prices in a variety of marketplace, instagram, or website online shop. A cheap price is lucrative and often trapping potential buyers in the mode of fraud. You should be suspicious to the price of the product is too cheap, because the products are the original has a range of reasonable prices with other online stores. Look at and do a price comparison order is safe and not get caught in the trap of deceit online store scam.

Choose the Payment Method that is Safe and secure

Tip shopping online safely the next is You need to choose the payment method that is safe and secure. It is to be tips are quite crucial, because it is directly related transactions Your money in the shop. A lot of the marketplace at this time, have the payment methods vary with the purpose to facilitate the user to get access payment. Don’t ever do online shopping payment method that is not clear. Or outside the payment option that has been provided in the marketplace. Do not do the transfer directly to the online stores that are not trusted, you should use the option to transfer to the joint account that is already widely available.

Save Better Evidence of the Transaction and Payment

You need to perform storage proof of the transaction and the payment is good, to maintain the security of online shopping. It is certainly necessary to be on guard when it happened the problems associated with the spending You do.

Ask For Proof Of Delivery Receipt Of Product

Tips hereinafter, for the sake of ensuring that the process of shopping online is that You do. As a buyer of the product at the online store, You can request a proof of delivery receipt of the product in order to determine and monitor the products You buy are already in the stages of the process where. Some online stores which have good service usually tell the delivery receipt automatically to consumers. However, there is no harm to do a follow up process purchases You make, if the online store does not do that.

Secure Data Self-Identity in the Package of Delivery

Last Tips in shopping online this time is often considered to be ‘the eyes’, because of the attitude of online shoppers are sometimes indifferent to data security identity itself. As a smart shopper, You need to secure data self-identity in the package of delivery. Because it can be abused by unscrupulous are not responsible. For that, You need to perform the action to secure personal data by tearing up the paper delivery data that contains the data. Such as home address, mobile phone number, and full name. Thus the discussion on tips for safe online shopping order not to be disappointed and aggrieved that You can listen and praktikan in shopping online.


Thus the article about the 8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping So You are Not Disappointed and Aggrieved! Remain careful and vigilant in online shopping, as more and more scams and fraud that aims to harm You financially.

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