7 Tips to Motivate Yourself in a Lazy Environment

7 Tips to Motivate Yourself in a Lazy Environment
7 Tips to Motivate Yourself in a Lazy Environment

Lazy employees are entitled to attention from the lead in the company. Because, their presence can affect the performance of other employees. The result is certainly fatal, which will affect the targets that the company has set.

Is the work environment you entered filled by lazy people? In order not to jump on the lazy bandwagon, follow the following tips as an attempt to motivate yourself.

Tips for Motivating Yourself in a Lazy Environment

Recall your destination

Surely there is a goal to achieve, that’s why you decided to work earnestly. Remember that purpose when the body asks you to join in idling like any other employee.

Say it firmly if you don’t want it to be like them so that one-by-one life goals can be achieved. Enjoy the process to avoid boredom while living it. If the goal has already been achieved, create a new goal. So, there’s a pretty clear reason why you’re not. I’m allowed to laze around when I’m working.

Maintaining work ethics

If it’s time to work, then work as well as you can. You have to uphold ethics because you get paid to work, not to be lazy. If you want to laze around, it’s better to take a leave of absence and rest at home.

Position yourself as the owner of the company. It would be a loss if you spent a lot of money on hiring lazy employees. While in the office, do what you can do well. The top waits for your work!

Focus on one’s own world

Workmates are lazy, some are even relaxed chatting around from the beginning of business hours until now? Rather than time out paying attention to their movements, it’s better to focus on one’s own world, which is the work paper that is in plain sight.

You have no need to meddle in what they are. work on Let the superior who looks from the CCTV camera, then gets stern sanctions. If you feel is listening to music can increase the focus of work, then listen to music. Use a headset to the sound isn’t distracting employees on.in.

Avoid envy

It is human nature if sometimes feel envy with another’s life. As with employees who often laze around, but never get caught red-handed by superiors. You must want to feel the same way. However, your level of luck is not necessarily the same as hers.

What if a superior suddenly passes by while watching On Netflix at workbench? The superior may reprove on the spot or the worst may call you into his room to give warning. Throw away the envy because keeping it for a long time is absolutely no profit believe that earnestness in work will come to fruition, in sooner or later. Thus, work motivation will be constantly maintained.

Starting the easiest job

To be honest, a sense of idleness often comes up when new lust on a task, but the error rate is high. When working, it is good to detail the level of work first. Ranging from easiest, medium, to toughest levels.

You can finish the easiest job first His arena of workmanship is relatively short. The level of stress is also not felt because the problems in it can be said to be still simple. After that, proceed to the next level of work. If finding obstacles while working and feel stuck, take some time to rest before finally completing the task.

Remember the face of the top

If a desire for idleness arises, remember return a superior’s face as he gets angry. The spooky expression automatically reverses the state. You who used to want to laze around turned diligent for fear of being scolded.

If the idle level of the co-worker exceeds the batace, remind them to focus on working. Don’t let superiors see because they’re not the only ones affected by it, but also you and some innocent employees. Remind carefully without raising the voice. Thus, vibes at work remain conducive.

Make it an opportunity

Attitudes of co-workers whose lazy hobbies are tattered to its own advantage. You can make this an opportunity to be promoted next year. In terms of yield and productivity, you’re way “above the wind” because all this time it’s always been focused on working.

When imagining about promotion, motivation was extinguished. It would slowly flared back up. When promoting, not only positions alone rise, but also salaries and other benefits. Use your existing time as best you can to increase work productivity. While motivating to High, you can do it.


The diligent attitude you have shown all along is certain bear fruit, both expected and beyond expectation. So, don’t stop being diligent even though the working environment is less supportive. Whether or not a career is brilliant depends heavily on the small things that can be described from your attitude.

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