5 Skills That Can Be Smashed at Home Beginning of 2022

5 Skills That Can Be Smashed at Home During Pandemic Times
5 Skills That Can Be Smashed at Home During Pandemic Times

Over a year we were in the Covid-19 pandemic, of change has certainly been experienced quite a lot. Not just job-related, basically almost the whole routine also undergoes great changes.

If you used to have free activities outside your home, so over the past year it has certainly been difficult to do. Spending much more time at home, you may often feel saturated with various routines. Make sure you have a yes way right to make more use of your time.

Homesteadable Skill

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Here are some skills that could be sharpened in home.


In times of pandemic, your health becomes a penitent point that you can’t ignore. You need to consume a variety of nutritious and certainly clean foods. It will be a good time for you to prepare yourself the various foods you eat.

If all this time you’ve been feeling your cooking skills still Rang max, then immediately sharpen the skill in this one field.

There are many cooking classes to be found on an online, even free and no charge. You can also experiment with a variety of interesting and delicious menus, so that each day you can prepare select menus that suit your own taste.

It certainly gets much better and healthier, if dry it with when buying food so from outside. Also, you can also save a lot of money out and can allocate more income into a savings account.


Live in urban areas or have no land Widely, this is no longer an excuse for not starting this one activity. You can currently apply the urban farming method, which is the agricultural method that is done by gardening to the area limited.

You can do gardening using a growing medium that doesn’t spend much space, like a clumped pot or even a simple hydroponic growing medium.

Although it looks simple, gardening has become so popular and much in demand over the past year. This one activity will be fun. It can even reduce your stress levels during pandemic times.

Asah skill in this one field to the maximum, You can learn a lot about this gardening online or even on an auto disciplinary basis.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you are happy with the various lacquerware that you are cu and unique, then this one activity would be the right choice. You can hone skills in various ways, ranging from painting, crafting from paper, and others.

You can learn all this easily, ’cause a lot of video tutorials on DIY that could be found online. In addition to filling in free time, this one skill could also be utilized to produce a variety of unique works to beautify the house.

Foreign languages

Learning a foreign language becomes one of the activities You can do it during pandemic times. You don’t have to go out of the house, because there are many online classes that you can easily follow.

If want a more relaxed and fun way, you can even learn a foreign language by watching various foreign language screenings. Choose the right foreign language and it will be useful someday, so this one activity is more challenging and beneficial to enjoy.

Editing as well as design

It’s especially for those who enjoy vlog, creating podcasts or even be active on social media. Asah the capabilities in editing as well as design, so it can produce quality video as well as audio for those of your content.

Right now you can learn this skill quickly through various tutorial videos that are easy to find on YouTube. In addition, you will also be simplified with various applications that are now freely downloaded and used.


Pandemic times certainly get you more at home. and have more free time. Don’t worry, you can make the most of your time by sharpening your skills even better. Enjoy your time with more usefulness and sharpen your skills, so that they may be able to have a variety of useful skills that you can use someday.

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