3 Types of Investors by Risk Profile

3 Types of Investors by Risk Profile
3 Types of Investors by Risk Profile

Investment contains risk. Invest risk low, medium, and high risk breast milk. In determining investment options, you should know your risk profile.

In the investment world, there are three types of investigationstor based on risk profile. Here’s an explanation.

Investor Types by Risk Profile

Conservative type

Constitute a safe looking investor. Level The risk tolerance is very low, which is why investors of this type tend to avoid risk and choose investment instruments with very minimal risk.

As a result of possible risks, there is juga that delays the desire to invest. Investment instruments suitable for conservative types of investors, i.e. government debt securities, deposits, investations of gold, as well as money market renowns.

Moderate type

constitute a bold investor taking risiko. However, it remains cautious in the selection of investment instrument types.

This type of investor still limits the number of investations on risky investment instruments such as stocks. They can choose either mixed-income investment, or fixed-income investment, investment a bond.

Aggressive type

As the name is aggressive, is investor yang fond of risk. Dare to take high risks to make a huge profit anyway.

They dared to put more funds on the tablek on stock investment instruments, stock reps that provide high returns and high risks anyway.


Use your youth for something that productive and positive, one of which is investment. The goal as a provincial is to prepare for old age financially. Currently, investment options are plentiful which you can select according to your risk profile. So, there’s no need to be afraid of starting an investment. Most importantly anyway, investment with capital or funds yang can you afford to losethe lance. That way, you keep limiting the risks that can occur at any time.

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