10 Tips for Regulating Healthy Food Intake for Diabetics

10 Tips for Regulating Healthy Food Intake for Diabetics
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Diabetes becomes one of the pretty much deranged diseases lately. Not just parents, this one health disorder also attacks many young people who are still productive. It is important for diabetics to get insulin injections regularly. Also, maintaining a proper and balanced diet becomes a necessity in itself.

Diabetics should avoid various food intake yang can increase blood sugar levels. This may sound simple, yet it is not always easy to run. Proper food consumption all the time will greatly help diabetics control blood sugar levels well.

Tips for Regulating Healthy Food Intake for Diabetics

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Here are some important tips on setting up intake healthy foods for diabetics:

Healthy carbohydrate consumption

Basically, all kinds of carbohydrates will give you a thick on blood sugar. But some types of carbohydrates only give small amounts of blood sugar increases, this is what diabetics have to consume.

Consume healthy carbohydrates like these in amounts precisely, won’t make blood sugar rise high. There are several choices of carbohydrate source foods that diabetics can choose from, including: fresh vegetables and fruits, various sugar-free milk processes, brown rice, and others.

Limit salt consumption

Consuming abundant amounts of salt risks increasing it’s blood pressure right? It will also increase the risk of stroke attacks as well as heart disease. While on the other hand, in diabetics the risk of these two diseases has also been high.

It is important for diabetics to always limit consuming salt all the time. As much as possible, diabetics consume only 1 teaspoon of salt every day as possible.

Reduce consumption of red meat

Beef and various processed foods from him like ham and sausages are very susceptible to inflicting cancer. This kind of red meat is also bad for diabetics.

In exchange, diabetics can get p intakerotein from other foodstuffs, such as: peas, fish, eggs, poultry meat, and others.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

Diabetics are also strongly recommended to take more fresh vegetables and fruit. Although it contains sugar, fruits and vegetables contain only natural sugars that are harmless to the body.

But various vegetables and fruits are already in packaging is not recommended, as it contains high processed sugar and is unhealthy.

Consumption of healthy fat

saturated fat became a food that sufferers should avoid diabetes, because fat like this can increase cholesterol levels. It also runs the risk of inflicting various diseases, especially in the heart.

There are many saturated fatty foods to avoid, between others: various processed foods red meat, cookies and cookies, butter, lard, and others. Consuming healthy fats would be much better, especially those derived from natural foods.

Limit sugar consumption

Limiting sugar consumption is certainly mandatory for suffer from diabetes. This could be done by dieting or gradually reducing sugar consumption. Also, consuming sugar without or low in calories can be the right choice.

Choose a healthy snack

Choosing a healthy snack is also no less important, especially for diabetics who enjoy snacking. Avoid processed foods that contain a lot of salt as well as sugar, let alone artificial sugar.

There are several healthy snacks that can choose from diabetic, among others: fresh vegetables and fruits, yogurt, nuts, and others.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol includes drinks that contain a lot of calories. It would be very good for sufferers to avoid various alcoholic beverages like this.

But if it’s hard to leave behind, then limit alcohol consumption be one way to regulate the intake of calories that enter the body.

Avoid special foods suffering from diabetics

Various special foods for diabetics are already plentiful be sold on the market. Various foods often cause a rise in blood sugar, some even containing effects as laxatives inside the digestive tract.

There is no need to force oneself to consume such food this, especially for diabetics who can regulate their own healthy food intake.

Avoid consumption of supplements

When already consuming fresh vegetables and fruits in Yan serving precisely, diabetics also do not need to take other supplements. Supplements such as these may be taken, if indeed recommended by a doctor. It is important to always consult her first with a doctor.


Suffering diabetes certainly presents its own challenges, because this one disease requires quite complex treatments. Not just taking medicine, diabetics should always keep their intake of healthy foods consumed. Keep the intake of food as well as the proper amount of portions, so that the body stays healthy and blood sugar is well maintained.

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